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Kirk Snyder Selected Press


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The G Quotient (Wiley & Sons)

  • Harvard Business Review named The G Quotient to it's prestigious recommended reading list.
  • Recogized as one of the best business management books of the year by strategy + business.
  • The subject of a feature story in TIME Magazine, titled, Come Out, Move Up, by Andrea Sachs, August 6, 2006 
  • Featured as a cover story for Details Magazine.

strategy+business: “Mr. Snyder’s evidence seems to show clear correlations between the gay experience and the development of what others have called emotional intelligence, and his arguments for a casual connection are persuasive.” 

Library Journal:
”Highly recommended…Snyder treats the material sensible and seriously. His provocative study clearly and impressively shows that employees working for gay bosses have higher rates of satisfaction, job commitment, and productivity.”
 (Richard Drezen, Washington Post News Research) 

“Snyder’s book does a fine job of drilling into the traits common to successful LGBT leaders… Snyder has done a lot of homework, and draws us into specific case studies at real companies, with real people.” 

Publisher’s Weekly:
“Snyder is perceptive and detailed.” “Novel managing strategies make this a practical business primer as well as a landmark study. Managers looking for a fresh approach should pick this title up, as should those interested in the rising profile of gays in America.”
 (starred review) 

Fast Company:
“USC B-School professor Kirk Snyder discovered that employees of gay white-collar males aren’t just happier with their jobs than other workers, they’re also more loyal and productive. Snyder explains why, offering seven management principles for everyone.”


Lavendar Road to Success (Ten Speed Press)

Based on a groundbreaking two-year study of more than 300 gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender alumni from the University of Southern California, Lavender Road to Success is the first career guide written specifically for the gay community.  Honored as one of the best books of the year as a top ten editors’ pick by and by Insight Out Books as one of the best books of the year.