The Glass Closet 

 I was very pleased to have been interviewed in London for Lord John Browne's new book, The Glass Closet: Why Coming Out is Good for Business (Harper Business).  It was a great interview and I am glad to see that I made it into the pages of the book!  In addition to offering a great lesson about why everyone should place themselves in professional environments where they are valued, Lord Browne makes a great case about why companies must have an inclusive workforce to succeed in today's marketplace. 


Featured Author

It's an honor to be a featured author in the latest edition of this bestselling book on Educational Leadership from Jossey-Bass (Wiley & Sons).  It was a big honor to be selected to contribute to this very respected anthology in my field.


Kirk Snyder Selected Press:  Interviews/Quotes

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The Power of Connection 

Communication at its most fundamental level is simply about the exchange of information, which is exactly where the power of connection enters our lives as a game changer.  All of the information we constantly consume as a result of being connected to all that the world has to offer--wherever we are, whenever we want to access it--effectively establishes our vantage point for viewing the world.  It’s actually the same process our bodies use to generate eyesight.  For example, our eyes take in information about the world around us sending it to our brain.  Based on this exchange of information, our brain then creates for us a view of the world relative to what exists within our line-of-sight.  Subsequently, it is our view that in turn influences our next steps, our movements in the world.  Whether reaching for a bite of our favorite food on the table in front of us or stopping for a red light, our line-of-sight dictates our movements and ultimately, how we seek and find meaning in our daily lives.

My new research is the culmination of several years of hard work, gathering data from a variety of sources all across the country as well as abroad.  From focus groups to cultural surveys to one-on-one interviews with working class employees and CEO's alike, the power of connection is dramatcially changing our vantage point for viewing the world because it is exponentially adding to our line-of-sight--on a daily, hourly, and second by second basis.  As a result, it is forever changing how we move in the world--at home, at work, and at play. 

This is simply a very tree-top "view" of my new research and upcoming writing projects so please stay tuned for more.  I believe you will find this new work to be startling, surprising, perhaps even frightening.  But I also believe you will find it inspriring.