The Glass Closet 

 I was very pleased to have been interviewed in London for Lord John Browne's new book, The Glass Closet: Why Coming Out is Good for Business (Harper Business).  It was a great interview and I am glad to see that I made it into the pages of the book!  In addition to offering a great lesson about why everyone should place themselves in professional environments where they are valued, Lord Browne makes a great case about why companies must have an inclusive workforce to succeed in today's marketplace. 


Featured Author

It's an honor to be a featured author in the latest edition of this bestselling book on Educational Leadership from Jossey-Bass (Wiley & Sons).  It was a big honor to be selected to contribute to this very respected anthology in my field.


Kirk Snyder Selected Press:  Interviews/Quotes

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Kirk Snyder’s research on the professional beliefs and behaviors of Gen Y professionals represents one of the largest studies of its kind undertaken and was the basis for the first ever Workplace Communication Summit held at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. Kirk presented a three-part online interactive series based on this research through an innovative partnership between USC's Office of Continuing Education and the New York Times.  To my knowledge, it's still the only summit of its kind and USC led the way! 

Driven by a strong need to shape and change the environments with which they interact due to the game-changing cultural ingredients of connection and immediacy, Gen Y is similarly committed to the professional goal of making a definable and immediate imprint on the companies and organizations that employ them. This new generation of professionals has entered the workplace with a very different view of the world of work than any preceding generation and it has significantly changed how they need to be managed, motivated and mentored. Over 40 million strong, this unique "workview" of Gen Y is currently creating an unprecedented communication divide in diverse industries and fields all around the country, causing frustration, tension, and misunderstanding between generations. 

Snyder regularly provides management training programs to assist companies and managers to enhance cross-generational workplace communication and fully leverage  the vast potential of a generation that is constantly connected.  In the NY Times Article, Job Jugglers, on the Tightrope by Hannah Seligson, Kirk's Gen Y research was featured along with several quotes on the subject of Gen Y workplace trends.