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Gen Y at Work

The Power of Intrinsic Motivation

Communication at its most fundamental level is simply about the exchange of information.  But to fully leverage that exchange in the workplace, companies and organizations must operate in an environment of shared signs, symbols and behaviors based on self-awareness in order to maximize interpersonal meaning and invite the power of intrinsic motivation into the lives of their employees. 

My new research is the culmination of several years of on-the ground work, gathering data from a variety of sources all across the country as well as abroad.  From focus groups to cultural surveys to one-on-one interviews across the professional spectrum from entry level employees to CEO's, creating a system to realize intrinsic motivation requires leveraging the value that each of us brings to the world of work.  

This is simply a very tree-top "view" of my new research and upcoming writing projects, so please stay tuned for more.  It is also the basis of my corporate speaking and advising engagements.  I believe you will find this new work to be inspiring because it provides everyone with access to experience the power of intrinsic motivation in their professional lives