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Exciting News!  My new book, Working You: A new career system for a new generation, is scheduled for publication in Fall 2020 by Penguin Random House through its best-selling Ten Speed Press imprint.  Ten Speed Press is the publisher of the world's most successful career book of all time, What Color is Your Parachute, so I am in good company.  

Working You gives college students a customized and proven system to find a career fit that will reward the value they uniquely bring to the job market in a way that has never been explored.  To date, more than 1,000 students have successfully completed the Working You system and I am exited to now share it with millions of college students across the country and around the world.  To sign up for the Working You interest list and receive FREE updates and previews, please send an email to with the subject header "Subscribe."  


The path to finding professional meaning is changing. How we define, measure and pursue meaning in our careers is being completely turned upside down.  Today, as we move at warp speed deeper into a world where connection, transparency and immediacy are considered business commodities, the road to professional meaning has taken a sharp turn in a brand new direction. Being valued for who you are in today's job market requires a new approach for a new world of work. 

My latest research on creating intrinsic motivation as the catalyst to an emotionally and financially rewarding career builds on my past work about the power of inclusion  while taking me in an exciting direction in my new book, Working You, being written for all college students regardless of major, GPA or college. Working You is about being rewarded for who you are in the world of work today, tomorrow and for the rest of your career.

As you discover a little bit more about my work as an award-winning educator, author, and corporate speaker, I hope I can spark some new ideas for you about how you can create greater value for yourself in today's transforming workplace. I believe you will find that my work comfortably resides at the intersection of communication, culture and careers.  Stay in touch and stay connected!